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About Us

At drivehighline, we are bringing luxury European cars to you at affordable prices. Too many people have been burned by buying a used luxury car and finding out they still need thousands in repairs and maintenance. Here at drivehighline, our team of experienced, highly trained technicians thoroughly inspect each car we offer so you can be comfortable and confident in your purchase. We aren’t used car salesman, we are technicians who believe everyone should experience the performance and excitement these cars offer.

We founded this company based on many years, in a service department, of watching the bad side of used luxury car shopping. Customers looking for a luxury car often get caught up in the excitement of finding the "right" car, they make a purchase and then have it looked over at the dealer. Time and time again, they are crushed to find out the "right" one is going to cost much more than the purchase price. Some car shoppers avoid the luxury market thinking that they can't afford it or it's too risky with the cost of repairs. We want to change that.

Give us a call, email, or fill out the contact form to get on your way to a new driving experience. Make sure to use the Car Finder tab if you don't see what you want in the inventory. We will source what you want, buy it, inspect it, and make sure it's ready for that new car road trip you know you want to take. You tell us the budget and we will get you into a highline car.

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Address: 358 S. Columbia Ave. : Rincon, Georgia 31326
Phone: (912) 483-6200